Friends of Alexandra

Friends of Alexandra


As parents, you are AUTOMATICALLY a member of the FoA…it’s free!

FoA depends on a continual cycle of parent involvement.   The teachers and school leadership support us when possible, but without all your help, we have no FoA – WE REALLY DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

The FoA is a mixture of parents that work together for the benefit of the children at Alexandra. Some are full-time parents, some work part-time or work full-time. The FoA works best when we have a lot of people, all contributing even the smallest amount of time.

Taking an active role with the FoA can really help with your child’s success and enjoyment of school, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why helping the FoA will greatly improve your child’s experience of school.


  1. The school relies on you for success
  • Schools are becoming more and more dependent on their friends for funds, organising events, and helping to improve things such as the school playground and after-school clubs.
  • The FoA is an essential element of keeping good communication between the School leadership and the parents.


  1. Every little bit helps!
  • There are a variety of small ways you can help and be involved – from creating ideas for a Christmas or Summer Fair, photocopying and distributing letters in the school, cleaning up after an event, helping out on a stall at a Cake sale, baking with your children for a Cake Sale, getting donations from a business, or prizes for a raffle….so many ways.
  • Giving up just 30 minutes of your time to help the FoA is invaluable. If everyone could spare 30 minutes a term to help, just think what we could achieve!
  1. You’ll feel part of a commumity
  • There’s no better way to know what events are being planned, what new initiatives are planned, have your say for new fundraising suggestions, and how the FoA should spend the money. Offering your help and support makes a difference.
  • You’ll get to know teachers and school leadership on a more informal basis.


  1. You’ll be part of a team
  • Every FoA event is an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you.
  • You will be part of a like-minded network of people who all share a common goal of improving the school for all our children.


  1. Make a difference
  • By volunteering to help the FoA, you’ll be able to use whatever skills you have for a good cause.
  • Perhaps you have a particular skill that would be useful…. van driver, graphic designer, architect, accountant, chef, gardener, solicitor, carpenter, builder, journalist, etc.
  • Our FoA strives to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school.


  1. We’re not just for Mums! Dad’s, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles… we need you as well!
  • It’s important to our FoA, our school and our pupils to have dads represented on our team and to help reach out to other dads.
  • Are you a dad with a skill that would come in useful?


  1. Be a role model
  • By getting involved with our FoA you’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well.
  • Your children will see you playing an active part in making their education more varied and their school more fun.
  • Getting involved illustrates good teamwork and community spirit.


  1. What the FoA does affects every parent and pupil.
  • Your voice matters – the FoA Committee is made up of people who represent you, so help us to do this effectively. • Your ideas and involvement can help improve the quality of education for all the children at our school.


  1. It’s fun!
  • Help plan fun events, socials and get-togethers
  • Suggest NEW fun ways to raise funds and integrate parents.
  • Get your whole family involved!


  1. Finally…

Our children are only at school for a relatively short time. FoA events such as the Summer Fair will be remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime. The equipment and resources the FoA helps fund, make learning even more engaging.

Help us continue to create lasting memories for our children.