Admission to Alexandra Primary School is regulated by Haringey and subject to their admission policy.


There are places for 60 children in the Reception class and the closing date for application to start Reception in

September 2017 is the 15th January 2015.


For further information regarding Haringey admissions, please visit Haringey Council’s website


From September 2017 the school will have two forms of entry from Reception to Year 6.


Entry to other classes in the school (30 per class) is dependent upon the availability of places.

Such is the demand for places at the school that there is no guarantee of a place. You may appeal for a place

and should direct any enquiries regarding admissions to the School Admissions department of Haringey Council.
When places have been allocated, all prospective parents will be invited to an information

meeting and to bring their children to visit the Reception class during the summer term prior to admission.


Immediately before admission there will be the opportunity for home visits by Reception staff and

the children will be admitted in staggered groups, usually within three weeks of the start of term.

Prospective parents visits


Please contact the office on 0208 888 9771 to book onto a tour of the school.